The MERISTIC Financial Literacy Center is a collection of like minded individuals who are passionate about financial literacy education and training

Our goal is “to assist in the elimination of financial illiteracy” through education, training and financial awareness.

It is our belief that financial literacy education needs to be all encompassing, experiential and recognize other factors in its teachings including the behavioural, psychological and emotional relationships to money as informed by research in the fields of behavioural analysis and neurosciences.

MERISTIC is an acronym for the core components of the MERISTIC Approach© to financial literacy education and training developed by Andreas Simic

M Money Management

E Estate planning

R Retirement Planning

I Income Generation

S Savings and Fraud Protection

T Taxation

I Investing and Insurance

C Credit Management

Note that specific advice related to finance, investments and insurance, taxation, and legal matters should be sought from trained professionals in these areas when it is relevant to do so. The information provided is not a substitute for garnering professional counsel.