The first priority for the Youth Financial Literacy Program is to develop a model for teaching youth age 15-16 about financial literacy. What is the best approach for educating this age group at a key point in their lives about financial literacy? It is our belief that this demographic would benefit most from a combination of education and experiential training in matters related to money. Expansion to other age groups would be explored once a model for youth education has been developed and tested.

In order to achieve this goal we are looking to launch a pilot project which seeks to understand “how best to educate and engage our youth about financial literacy education and financial awareness.” The following steps are being taken.

  1. Create a summer day camp style program for youth age 15-16 that combines financial literacy education as well as “fun” experiential events and activities
  2. Develop funding
    • To conduct the initial test pilot program(s) for the summer of 2017
    • To allow for the creation of a registered non profit charity that will create and oversee the programs for youth financial literacy education and training on an going basis moving forward
  3. Expand the program to ever more communities.